Story Saver for Instagram Video Downloader Instore

Story Saver for Instagram Video Downloader Instore

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Instore is an application that help you to download videos and photos and story save for Instagram with high quality.

Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram and Repost Instagram app, can help you save photos and videos in simple steps.

This Story Saver & Downloader for Instagram - InStore, can help you save photos and videos in simple steps.

Imagine you are on the feed of Instagram and loved a photo or video, you want to save the photo or video, or share with friends, or repost to IG or other social media.

We know these are the times you badly wanted an IG video downloader and photo saver. Alas! Your search ends here. Story Saver, a photo and video downloader for instagram is all you will ever want!

Just as the name suggests, Story Saver is a photo saver and video downloader for instagram. Insta save happens to be a highly loved app by instgram users, simply for the great utility it brings.The application is also very easy and fast to use.

So now you can keep all the photos and videos on IG that you loved and also be able to repost them. Story Saver, the video downloader is 100% FREE to use.

It is very easy to use in 2 way:

Method 1:
1. Open Instagram , click share button at the post
2. Press copy link
3. Back to Downloader for Instagram (EasySave), paste link and download

Method 2:
1. Open Instagram, click share button
2. Press more and select Downloader for Instagram (EasySave) application
3. In Downloader for Instagram (EasySave) app, press download button.

Here’s a quick look at what Instore & downloader has to offers to Instagram users.

→ Repost any photos or videos.
→ Save photos from instagram to your gallery, using EasySave
→ Instore acts as an video downloader for Instagram
→ Easily repost to Instagram or any other platform
→ Story Saver is very lightweight, just few MBs
→ Get high quality images & videos from Instagram
→ Photo Downloader & Video Downloader for Instagram

Enjoy !