Back Posture Correction Yoga

Back Posture Correction Yoga

Version 9.1
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Category Health & Fitness
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Last Update 2024 March 23
Back Posture Correction Yoga

Back Posture Correction Yoga

Dr. Zio - Yoga Teacher
Version 9.1
Install +1 K
Category Health & Fitness
Size 32 MB
Last Update 2024 March 23
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There can be 3 reasons you must use Posture Fix Yoga 180– Straight Posture Correction🧘‍♀️
✅ You have a lousy bent posture & you are tired of this look.
✅ Correct Posture is more than just looking smart to you.
✅ You need a virtual personal Yoga Trainer at home to train you, step by step with 3D videos to get you a proper posture.

Having a good posture is about more than just looking smart 😎. It improves strength, flexibility, and balance in your body. Proper posture also reduces stress on your muscles and ligaments, which can lower your risk of injury.
After a lot of research & development and consulting many Physiotherapists as well as Orthopedics, 👨‍⚕️Dr. Zio has brought you research & experienced-based scientific & natural way to correct body posture by Yoga workouts and exercise at home without any equipment & medicines. 💊🚫

Vedic ancient Yoga, Posture correction tips, Selective food, Pranayama, and Recommended home exercise can get you perfect posture at home.🧘‍♂️
Over the next 21 days, these Yoga movements and exercises will help you:
✨ Loosen up muscles
✨ Increase body awareness
✨ Strengthen your core
✨ Realign your body’s joints

Why you should follow "Posture Fix Yoga 180 – Straight Posture Correction" Workout ❓
1. Static Posture Correction Yoga - When you are sitting, standing, or sleeping.
2. Dynamic Posture Correction Yoga - When you are walking, running, or bending over to pick up something.
3. Straight Neck Posture – Neck posture correction Home Workout.
4. Upper back & Lower back posture correction.
5. Athlete Yoga Stretching – Improve physical fitness & functional performance
6. Fix Posture Yoga Stretching - Improve body alignment
7. Muscle Stretch Yoga stretching – To reduce muscle tension & stiffness, Fore Sore Muscles
8. Pain Relief Yoga stretching – To reduce or heal body pain, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain
9. Injury-Free Yoga Stretching – Reduce the risk of injury
10. Hybrid Yoga Stretching - For balance, strength, flexibility & better Posture

Classified Stretching for Better Posture
⚡ Upper body stretching Yoga
⚡ Lower body stretching Yoga
⚡ Full body stretching Yoga
⚡ Upper - Lower back stretching Yoga
⚡ Neck & shoulder stretching Yoga Exercise
⚡ Bendy Back Workout
⚡ Middle Split Stretch Workout

At “Posture Fix Yoga 180 – Straight Posture Correction” we have a virtual personal yoga teacher🧘‍♀️ who demonstrates all Posture correction yoga poses and exercises by 3D videos & voice instruction (in 18 languages) step by step, so you can do the perfect pose without mistake.
You don’t need any equipment or instrument or trainer.

💥Features of “Posture Fix Yoga 180 – Straight Posture Correction"💥
- Demonstrating exercise step by step in 3D videos with voice guidance for beginners to advance.
- Easy to understand home-based stretching, workouts & exercise designed for all genders.
- Personal trainer to keep track of your workouts.
- Supports 18 languages with Voice instructions.
- Track weight loss, plan progress, and burn calories as well.
- All home workouts, no need for any instrument.
- Additional in-detail videos to understand Yoga poses, Pranayama & Exercises in a better way
- Daily health tips and tricks on Posture correction - life hacks.
- Customized plans for each user.
- Daily workout and diet tracker.
- Customized workout reminders according to your plan.
- Works 100% (any age)

Getting that perfect back isn’t going to be a quick fix. You will need consistency, awareness, and dedication which you can develop with this “Posture Fix Yoga 180 - Poster Correction” in 21 Days
‼️Easy, helpful, and 100% FREE‼️ What are you waiting for? Get the best yoga app in 2021‼️– Posture Correction Yoga 180 right now.

Wishing you a Happy Posture correction Journey with us… Enjoy…
Find out even more at

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