Step by step painting for children

Step by step painting for children

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Step by step drawing tutorials

Painting is an activity that everyone at least once in their lifetime have experienced it. Painting in childhood is more important as a way to express emotions and communicate with others and, most children speak before they could well have a great desire to draw. This pleasant activity related benefits, the effects of motion, strength, memory and mental health for the child.

The collection includes 174 paintings tutorial includes the following topics:

24 training vehicle

Flowers 18 Education

26 cartoon characters education

Forest animals 28 education

Birds 22 education

Insects 12 Education

Marine animals 14 education

Nature 10 Education

Dinosaurs 10 Education

General training is included in the program for video and your child can easily learn them and apply in their designs.

You can provide your loved ones with this set for your children the best gift you have given them.

Please send your comments help us to improve the quality of this program out.

I hope you enjoy this app


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