Office Docs: PDF Editor, Excel

Office Docs: PDF Editor, Excel

Version 1.8.5
Install +10 K
Category Tools
Size 64 MB
Last Update 2024 July 22
Office Docs: PDF Editor, Excel

Office Docs: PDF Editor, Excel

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Version 1.8.5
Install +10 K
Category Tools
Size 64 MB
Last Update 2024 July 22
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Office Docs Reader: Read and view all documents with the fastest smart office app. View all file formats like Word, Excel, PPT, Powerpoint, PDF quickly and precisely. The easy to use smart file reader supports all the documents you often use, including different doc files doc, Docx, Powerpoint, txt, excel, Xls, ppt and PDF Editor. You don’t have to export your files in any specific format now, as in this doc reader app, multiple docs including doc and Docx reader, PDF Editor and reader, Xls and excel reader, etc. can be viewed and read in one place.
This file reading app isn’t just fast but also simple and smooth to use. Now with this fast pocket doc reader app, it’s easy to maintain all kinds of files and documents in any desired format like doc, pdf, xls, txt, Powerpoint, etc.

Primary Features of office document reader

* Document reader- View & read all files
* Office docs reader- View & read your doc, Docx files
* PDF Viewer and PDF Editor for PDF format
* Night mode to protect your eyes
* Save reading state and auto resume to continue from where you left
* Excel file reader & spreadsheet reader.
*Text files reader - read .txt files
* Presentation files reader for Word and school use, use with PPT AND PPTx formats.
* Manage and organize your work files, class notes, lectures better with file manager on your phone.
* Reliable and easy to use PDF Editor
* Work offline, no internet needed.

*Easy to Manage Document Reader, PDF Editor & Office reader

Allows you to manage and organize all your document files in the best folder structured view. Supports all kinds of doc files including Word, PDF, Excel, PPT, txt, it’s easy to search, view and read any document with this doc reading app.

*Word file & Docx reader

Read doc files fast and easily with all the controls you need. Find any doc format files on your phone effortlessly with this user friendly doc reading app in Office reader

*PDF Viewer, PDF Editor & Reader

Find PDF files using the file manager in the file reading app. Read novels, books, etc. effortlessly. The app organizes your PDF files into a simple and easy to manage list. Search, read, scroll, zoom, share and print pdf files quickly using this app.

*Excel, xlsx & Spreadsheet Reader

Read and view all kinds of excel files. Read xls, xlsx and spreadsheet files in high quality. Get all the essential excel file controls to easily work on your data using this file viewer and reader.

*PPT File reader

View and read all kinds of PPT files in high resolution. Quickly search, view PPT in high quality effortlessly. Save space and delete PPT files that you don’t want on your device.

*Share Your Docs

Easily share all kinds of file formats including docx files, PDF files, ppt files, xlxs files via apps like Whatsapp, email, Telegram etc.

*Don’t Let File Format Limit You

View and read any kinds of files on your phone. The app supports all excel formats like xls, xlsx, all word file formats like Doc, Docx, presentation documents like ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx and other types of text documents including txt, ODT, zip, etc. All doc formats like - PDF files, PDF Reader, PDF Viewer

Last but not the least, this all document reader makes your office work efficient and boosts your productivity by giving you easy control of all kinds of your documents in any possible format. Its quick and easy functionality saves you time.

So, if you’re a student or a professional, don’t keep waiting and start using the all document reading app to study and work faster.

Happy to serve:
Our aim is to help you work efficiently on all your work files, irrespective of the format you choose. Simplifying your work-life by availing easy to read and manage different file formats like Word, Excel, Docx, PDF, PPT, etc, we hope to serve you better with all possible file formats.
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