Dinosaurs Cards - Dino Game

Dinosaurs Cards - Dino Game

Version 4.81
Install +2 K
Category Education
Size 18 MB
Last Update 2023 October 23
Dinosaurs Cards - Dino Game

Dinosaurs Cards - Dino Game

AppStar Studio
Version 4.81
Install +2 K
Category Education
Size 18 MB
Last Update 2023 October 23
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* Easy learning about dinosaurs with pictures ,sounds and puzzle games.
* Quick, Fun & Easy Ways to Learn Dinosaurs with Multiple Languages.

- You can learn many kinds of dinosaurs.
- You can hear the sound of dinosaurs.
- You can play dinosaur puzzles.
- You can know the size of the dinosaurs.
- You can draw directly on a dinosaur card.
- Support Quiz feature.

* The app helps to easy learning many kinds of dinosaurs from the cards and know their names in several languages.
- Learn English
- Learn Spanish
- Learn Chinese
- Learn Japanese
- Learn Korean

It includes the pictures and sounds, you can easy learning from the cards.

To find the answer through hints.

Let you playing while learning and then learning from playing.

More than 50 interesting pictures and sounds will help you learn lots of Dinosaurs.

The app provides the best way to get started learning many kinds of Dinosaurs which contains many cards, each word card are voice-enabled, and related words and pictures.

- Contains special memory mode make you play from black and white pattern to colorful card when you complete some task.
- Funny jigsaw puzzle games has 5 levels from easy to hard.
- Easy drawing pen function
- English human voice help you learn English vocabulary easily.
- Support for Visual Memory mode.
- Provide cards collection function.
- Support for language switching, then you can learn many kinds of languages at the same time.
(English / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Spanish )
- Training your comprehension,logic,language ability.
- All jigsaw puzzle are generated randomly.It's really a interesting educational game
- With nice interface that you can play on both tablet and mobile phone.
- Dinosaurs Flashcards
- Learning card series - Dinosaurs

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