Step by step knitting limited

Step by step knitting limited

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The main program is the program limited edition Can you If you wish to receive the full version of the app menu to do so or via the link following:

Several sources in the form of books or apps wear in our country, but unfortunately most of them are knitted into the base to beginners and new ones are not taught to learn knitting. My personal opinion is that educational resources for novice should be based on the image of the viewer to fully understand the terms and repeat it.

This application contains 24 knitting patterns and 5 video tutorials on the following topics (in the original version of Knitted 96 and 23 video tutorials) that all terms will be trained on video and is suitable for beginners.

5 video tutorials terms of knitwear (23 video tutorials in the original version)

10 Education simple texture models (20 models knitted in original)

8 Education knitted texture models (28 models of tissue in the original version)

4 training texture mesh models (30 Mzl tunic in the original version)

2 training wigs texture models (18 models knitted in original)

This app is provided by the Family Educational website and its contents to any other website is not copied from the work of this group is boarding. I hope the art-loving women of our country have welcomed this application and they will be satisfied.

If your opinion is considered a tissue model can post comments on our website or send e-mails using the name of the model, send us photos to put the program in the next update.



Please send your comments help us to improve the quality of this program out.

thank you

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