SQL Client
نصب فعال

SQL Client allows you to connect to different DBMS straight from your smartphone or tablet and can execute queries, navigate through tables or views, and even export data.

You cannot edit values directly in the table view. However, you can execute any SQL statement supported by your database (including insert, update, delete), even multiple commands in one query. Syntax highlighting helps you when writing your queries and the undo/redo feature makes editing easy. With this app, you can filter, sort, and search tables and views by type, schema/database, and name.

SQL Client can connect to:
- Microsoft SQL Server
- PostgreSQL

- Execute and save SQL statements
- Execute multiple SQL commands in one query
- List, filter, sort, and search tables and views
- Share SQL statements
- Export data from tables, views or queries to csv-files
- Syntax highlighting
- Undo/redo

Attention: You need a database server to use the app. You cannot use the app by itself. It only serves as a client to a database server.

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