Battery Sound Alarm

Battery Sound Alarm

Version 1.4.4
Install +5 K
Category Tools
Size 8 MB
Last Update 2023 September 18
Battery Sound Alarm

Battery Sound Alarm

Version 1.4.4
Install +5 K
Category Tools
Size 8 MB
Last Update 2023 September 18
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More Info

It will be notified by music when the battery has a full charge.

[How to use]
- Set the reminder song.
- Connect the charging cable.
- You do not need to run the app when charging. It will automatically notify you when charging is complete.
- Disconnect the power cable when charging is completed or close the window to close the notification song automatically.
 (If you continue with other operations while the cable is connected, disconnect the cable and then reconnect the cable.) If this happens, close the charge completion dialog box without disconnecting the cable.

[Important notification]
If the app doesn't work on your phone, run the app and charge it. And use the app's "Fix an app not working" menu to change the phone settings.

If the app does not work, refer to the link below.

[main function]
- Notification song setting (with ringtone)
- Battery alert level setting
- Volume control .
- Vibration function
- Set the 'Do Not Disturb'
- Battery level display function at the top of the screen.
- Earphone detection (replaced with PUSH notification when earphone is in use)
- low battery alert .
- Battery status warning
- Battery charge history
- Battery Widget support (4x1 size).

[Directions for Access Permission]
Here are instructions on access privileges used by apps:

■ Essential access permissions
- none

■ Optional access rights
- Storage space
Use to search for music files and set them as reminders with photos, media, and file access permissions on the device.

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محمد م
محمد م
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خیلی بداست نه اعلام پرشدن شارژ مکند وقتی که روی صحفه قرار میدم یا اشتباه درصد باطر ی نشان میده یا هنگ میکند چرا رسدگی نمی کنید