Zombie Monopoly

Zombie Monopoly

Version 1.5
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The legend of zombie tycoon!

Zombie turns into a food enthusiast, a SLG - Simulation game that you can never miss.

Saying this is a story of a foodie zombie.

In a small but magical zombie town, living a happy but greedy zombie who dream that he could eat up all the snacks raining from the sky. 
So our target is: help the greedy zombie to make his dream come true.

Operation method:
Move the zombie by clicking on the left and right side of the screen, so that the zombie can eat more snacks smoothly but avoid the bad blocks. 
Try to finish our target (eat up 50 thousand worth of food) within the shortest number of days.

Food categories:
Snacks, Hummans, gold and hard hammers.

Goods in the shop:
Lots of snacks
Flexibility speed
Enjoy food time
Attract Power
More Humans
Unlimited gold

Where do the snacks want to go, come to my bowl quickly!

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