New York Taxi Simulator 2020 - Taxi Driving Game

New York Taxi Simulator 2020 - Taxi Driving Game

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This huge 3D stimulation New York Taxi Simulator 2020 - Taxi Driving Game lets you drive the finest Easy and open Taxi Driving in best street of city with amazing & exciting modern taxi city street limo car parking & pick and drop passenger missions while playing the amazing Taxi Sim New York City - Passenger Pickup Game driving games free on Google Play Games for kids You might have played big shopping mall car parking games but here is your chance of this game in busy roads of city cab taxi drive. This is an open-world driving game and a treasure trove which brought to life on mobile for the first time! Where a driver can get real-time expenses on dropping the passenger on time. Taxi Driver is here to drive in mountains, perform pick and drop passenger’s duty. Once you complete your mission you will get driver expense, extra fuel, and workshop and you will get the next challenging mission. You can perform stunts of your modern 3D stimulation taxi and jump into the air to enjoy your modern 3D stimulation taxi free riding. This game made with full of fun of modern and classic 3D stimulation cabs ready to race.

New York Taxi Simulator 2020 - Taxi Driving Game is a realistic car driving game for the simulator lovers. City car driving duty is a virtual job to pick up passengers and drive them with safety to their destination. Your customer might be a gangster, criminals or even a police secret agent on a spy mission. It's a crazy drive on your taxi with a street crowded with people and cars. With traffic around you need to be careful while driving. This extreme adventure driving game will let you the experienced thrill of driving, parking, and simulation. Take your car, fasten your seat belt and play the role of the driver. New York Taxi Simulator 2020 is a fantastic game which uses realistic car physics and makes you feel like a real driver. If you are a big fan of cars driving and parking games then this New York Taxi Simulator 2020 - Taxi Driving Game is the amazing choice for you.

Drive your 3D stimulation taxi car and perform passengers transporting duty in mountains and hilly areas. You can enjoy Easy car parking management with sensor system high quality and high-quality graphics for you. It’s not just another crazy driving game of city taxi where you pick and drop passengers. Start driving a classic American taxi and rank your way up to unlock amazing sports cars with high speed. Accept or decline rides as per your choice. Surreal driving in the city to explore the open world and find rides to complete daily challenges. Earn fares for each ride and try to collect as much money as you can to customize your yellow taxi car or unlock upgraded sports car taxi. All the rides have different fares and you can earn maximum fare by completing a long-distance ride quickly with 5 stars. Make sure the customer’s ride experience is awesome to get a 5-star rating. To secure a perfect driver’s rank you need to drive professionally without damaging the New York Taxi Simulator 2020 - Taxi Driving Game.

Game Features:

🚕 Detailed maps
🚕 Smooth and realistic car handling
🚕 Lots of taxis from around the world
🚕 Free Ride mode
🚕 Multiplayer mode
🚕 Detailed vehicle interiors
🚕 Realistic damage system
🚕 Improved manual transmission, with 6 Gears + Reverse
🚕 Tilt steering, buttons and touch the steering wheel
🚕 Slider Pedals, for a better control

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