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Search the health care Service that you need with peace of mind and use Darmangaran Professional Support!

(Just for Tehran information now!)
With darmangaran app you can easily find the doctor  you need in all kind of specialty , find nurse and other Therapists for your patient , get information about hospitals and clinics , access the information of private ambulances services and order medical instrument that you need.

Darmangaran , offer you the newest online health information system to  save your heath document in each visit and use it easily in future medical diagnoses!

Then you don’t need to carry your medical document everywhere! we have medical information of Tehran and we hope to add information of other city in future!
Also In darmangaran app physicians and health care team can use this services:
    * Make online visits with patient with personal panel and calendar
    * Introduce new modern treatments to users in the easiest way!
    * Make online medical document for patients
    * Register information for each patients visit
    * Make and import photos for medical activities

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