Astral Rampage

Astral Rampage

Version 1.2.1
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Keep your satellite intact as long as possible in this dreadful Astral Rampage.

Astral Rampage is a challenging arcade game where you must keep away from asteroids. Beware, they won't go easy on you! But don't worry! There's always a way out. 

Hordes of asteroids coming from four directions and keep changing their velocity and acceleration.

If you got damaged, don't worry! There are green wrenches which can repair your satellite! But you can't handle the second impact, it will destroy you. 

You're humanity's last hope! Sit tight, focus and enjoy!

Game Features
• Increasing difficulty in every stage.
• Diverse behaviors from asteroids
• Get up to 16x combo if not getting damage.
• Use golden wrenches to continue despite death.
• Compete with your friends to get higher scores in google play services leaderboard.

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