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With the Lieferando Android app, you can order the food you love wherever you are in Germany. From over 37,000 restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores to choose from, you can enjoy everything from burgers, pizza, pasta, sushi, salads and loads more, and get it all delivered to your door.

Need some bits from the supermarket, liquor store or florist? Just open the Lieferando app, choose ‘groceries’ and fill your basket. Whether it’s baby food, diapers, flowers, liquor, beer, wine, beauty products, ice cream, chocolate, milk, fruit and bread, our partners have it all.

How it works:
Ordering is easy. You can either pick a saved address, fill in your postcode/street name or let the app find your location automatically. You can then choose your favourite restaurant or store and select what you fancy. Choose to pay with PayPal, Klarna, credit card, Apple Pay or another option, or pay with cash when your food gets delivered if the restaurant allows it.

Follow your order to your doorstep:
Track your order from the kitchen or store straight to your doorstep with our Food Tracker®. We'll even send you push notifications to update you about the status of your order. It usually takes 30-45 minutes to deliver your food or groceries.

What you get with our app:
- Quick and hassle-free ordering
- Great offers and discounts
- Choose to pick up your order at the restaurant or store
- Re-order the same delicious meal with one tap of a button
- Browse grocery stores, cuisines, offers, best-rated restaurants, nearby spots and vegetarian/halal options
- Get regular updates on your order with our handy Food Tracker®
- Choose from multiple payment options like credit card, PayPal, Klarna and more

Our restaurant partners:
Order from big brands like McDonald’s, Pizza Hollywood, Akakiko, dean&david and Wiener Schnitzelland

Our grocery and convenience partners:
Order from supermarkets and other partners like Spar express.

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