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Hi everyone,

First of all, we need to say this game has tested on multiple different platform and also tested by cafeebazar site,now let's introduce the game:

About the game hit-war style:
A Production Of The Y-King
This game is our first title in Y-king team that relies on smoother gameplay and engaging sense of excitement and passion that you will experiencein in it. Model of this game is that you have a jeep car that equipped with ammunition and fighter jets item that you have to use them to destroy main enemy base.
Special surprise included in the last level of the game is that you will be faced with a big/modern tank.
Help and Tips of the game:
You have to destroy the enemy's main base in different ways depending on the circumstances step ahead can choose the best way. However, if you get stuck at some point, remember the name of the game(shoot & escape)to go ahead and finish that level.

If your car is stuck in a range or corner, speed item botton that appeared on  the bottom left of screen can be used to drift your car easier.
Final word: this game is  the first title that created & published by Y-king team officially i should say in near future we will back with new ideas ,  with a more excitement, and more passion in any bit of our games.

Thanks to the supporters,

Thanks to: tm DIRECTION

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