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Guess The Word

A new exciting experience in the world of wordplay

An entertaining and educational game where you can find words from the picture and guess the letters of that word. By correctly guessing each letter, the picture of the first word becomes clearer and helps you find the word. Guesspic is unlike most Android games in word guessing style Experience a new style of word finding in that the game helps to guess words from pictures and guess every letter. The word picture gets clearer, the more you can experience this game in both Farsi and English, and you learn a whole word that you won't easily forget because you have a lot of difficulty guessing and also having a picture of it. This bilingual feature helps you find the image so if you couldn't guess the picture in English it might be easier to guess in Persian and vice versa.

Have Fun!

Game Features:

  • different levels
  • Funny animations
  • Attractive graphics
  • Comes with speed play and focus
  • Eye-catching and sweet steps
  • Increased intelligence and memory
  • Hundreds of hours of play
  • Improved vocabulary
  • Ability to play in Farsi and English
  • Fun and informative
  • Increase focus and accuracy

گسپیک،حدس,کلمه،تصویر،دانستنی،اطلاعات,عمومی،مسابقه،بازی، بازی با کلمات،حدس تصاویر،حدس کلمات،زبان،انگلیسی،یادگیری،بازی فکری مرحله ای ، واژه سازی ، تقویت فکر ، تقویت حافظه ،کلمه سازی ، کلمات ، جواب، پاسخ، پاسخنامه، بازی کامل، بازی فکری کلمات، بازی کلمات ، بازی هوش ، بازی ذهن ، هیجان ، تقویت هوش ، تقویت ذهن ، اطلاعات عمومی ، پازل،آموزش،یادگیری زبان،یادگیری کلمات،آموزش زبان،بازی کلمات،بازی تصاویر،

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