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What is "Shagerd Aval" made for???

Well, well all know how radically the smartphones and tablets has changed our lives!

so what better than using these powerful tools in our hands for educational purposes!!??

And this is exactly the reason why we created this powerfull app!

Now everyone in our country can use their phones and tablets like industrial countries, but in a completely intutive and innovative way that has done for the first time ever, on this planet!

So, what is this app capable of?

(Although words cannot describe how powerful and innovative this app is, but we will try to give you a quick glance of what it is capable of!)

Whith Shagerd Aval there is no need to write study time table on a paper with a pen, it's all in your pocket!

You can see how much you have studied each curriculum in the entire year using beautiful diagrams!

From now on, you won't forget any other quiz, cause it's right in the palm of your hand!!

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