WiFi Warden: WiFi Map & DNS

WiFi Warden: WiFi Map & DNS

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Last Update 2024 June 19
WiFi Warden: WiFi Map & DNS

WiFi Warden: WiFi Map & DNS

Install +5 K
Category Tools
Size 16 MB
Last Update 2024 June 19
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Unlock a World of Free Internet with WiFi Warden – Your Ultimate WiFi Companion!

Have you ever wondered how some people always manage to find free Wi-Fi? With WiFi Warden, you can do it too. It gives you access to lots of shared Wi-Fi passwords and hotspots from people all over the world. And the best part? It's absolutely FREE.

Why Choose WiFi Warden?

Global Access: Discover the free Wi-Fi hotspots shared by our community anywhere in the world.
Privacy Enhanced: Experience faster, more secure browsing with DNS over HTTPS (DoH) - a free, faster, unlimited alternative to traditional VPNs.
Beyond Connection: Not just a search tool; view connected devices, and test your internet speed.
Efficiency First: Utilizes minimal mobile data to locate and connect you to the nearest Wi-Fi spots.
Community-Driven: Join a growing community that shares and cares. If there's no hotspot available, give it time - our community is constantly expanding!

Feature-Packed for Ultimate Connectivity:

✔️ Connect to shared hotspots instantly.
✔️ Monitor who's connected to your Wi-Fi.
✔️ Enjoy unrestricted access to blocked websites and apps, ensuring privacy.
✔️ Test and analyze your internet speed and Wi-Fi network.
✔️ Easy connection via WPS and password creation for secure Wi-Fi.
✔️ Access saved Wi-Fi passwords (root required for certain features).
✔️ Explore device open ports on the network, and much more.

❓Why are there advertisements in the app?
We at WiFi Warden recognize that advertisements may not always be welcome, yet they are essential in providing our app at no cost to countless users globally. You can always remove the ads by upgrading to the Ads-Free version inside the app.

❓Can I use WiFi Warden to hack WiFi hotspots?
No, the WiFi Warden app does not serve as a hacking instrument. It is designed to display details about both public and private WiFi hotspots, information that is contributed by our user community.

No Root? No Problem!

While most features are accessible without root, specific functionalities like WPS connection on Android 9+ and serial number access do require root permissions.

Good to Know:

🔷WiFi Warden champions ethical use. It's a tool for exploration and education, not hacking.
🔷Initial connection in a new region requires internet.
🔷WPS functionality might vary by router.
🔷Location permission is necessary from Android 6 onwards.
🔷VPNService is needed for DNS over HTTPS. Traditional DNS queries are sent over plain text, making them vulnerable to interception and manipulation. With DNS manipulation, attackers can redirect you to fake or malicious websites without you even knowing. By implementing DoH, DNS queries are sent over a secure HTTPS connection, preventing this kind of manipulation. Using VPNService, WiFi Warden ensures that your DNS queries are securely tunneled, thus giving you more privacy and preventing DNS-based attacks.
🔷Starting with Android 11, viewing the MAC addresses of devices connected to your WiFi has been restricted due to Google policies.
🔷Discover more about your Wi-Fi environment and unlock the full potential of internet connectivity with WiFi Warden. Join our community and embark on a journey to free, secure, and fast internet access!

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