Cat Theme & Amusement Ice Park

Cat Theme & Amusement Ice Park

نسخه ۱۵
نصب فعال

Join Leo Catomy the cat at the winter theme park and check out all the marvelous attractions.
Enter the theme park island where the curious Cat is waiting for you in order to discover all the marvelous attractions.
Walk the Cat around the snowy park in order to reach the different attractions. Take a ride on the bumper cars, on the breathtaking rollercoaster, the nostalgic pirates’ ships or the elevator fall and many other marvelous attractions.
If you should feel a little bit tired you can enjoy the view from unmissable ferris wheel.
What are you waiting for? Join the fun!

If you like cat simulator games or cat games in general then you will love Cat Theme & Amusement Ice Park!

- - - Features: - - -
✔ High quality 3D video graphics
✔ One finger control joystick
✔ Virtual pet
✔ Cat games
✔ Virtual Cat
✔ Fun park
✔ Rollercoaster games
✔ Theme park
✔ Amusement park
✔ Bumper car
✔ Free fall
✔ Pirate ship
✔ Ferris wheel
✔ Cool mini games like air hockey, robot shooter, unblock puzzle and many more
✔ Background music and sounds

Cat Theme & Amusement Ice Park is a free application - have fun!

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