Dolphin Simulator: Sea Quest

Dolphin Simulator: Sea Quest

Version 1.4
Install +100
Category Simulation
Size 61 MB
Last Update 2020 October 21
Dolphin Simulator: Sea Quest

Dolphin Simulator: Sea Quest

Wild Animals World
Version 1.4
Install +100
Category Simulation
Size 61 MB
Last Update 2020 October 21
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Become a beautiful sea animal - wild ocean dolphin and complete fascinating quest!
Start your wild ocean adventures in our dolphin quest right now. Do interesting tasks and fight with sea enemies. Level­up your wild ocean animal to improve dolphin survival skills. Then form a wild animal pod in the simulator and breed a cute sea dolphin.

Have you ever imagined how to be a wild animal like an ocean dolphin?
With our animal simulator you can do it. Try it right now In Dolphin Simulator: Sea Quest! Explore the ocean bottom in search of keys to mysterious quest cases. Don't forget to keep your wild dolphin's oxygen level when help other animals.

Features of Dolphin Simulator: Sea Quest:

- Big wild world simulator
- Many sea animal species
- Ocean locations
- Wild animal behavior simulator
- Day and night cycles
- Magic artifacts
- Dolphin pods simulator
- Babies breeding
- Dolphin upgrades
- Interesting sea adventures
- Funny quest characters
- Main and optional quests

Explore all ocean places and look for quest items and artifacts!
But bevare of sea predators! They are always hungry. There is a map and radar in the animal simulator. Convenient dolphin controls allow your wild sea animal to swim, hunt, etc. Try how to ride your wild ocean dolphin in the simulator, eat and complete quest.

Rescue sea stars, divers, jellyfish and other creatures! Explore every corner of the dolphin simulator.
Can you imagine what dolphins do in the deep blue sea? Dolphin Simulator: Sea Quest lets you to be in dolphin's skin as if you are a real ocean animal. Great survival quest in the ocean. Wait... What is it? Predator or just a pirate ship wrecks?.. Check it yourself.

This ocean animal quest is fun! make your own wild dolphin pod, explore the ocean not alone. There are a lot of sea sharks and other wild animal species in the ocean simulator. Breed a new wild animal. Your mates will follow your animal through the ocean. Support the survival of the dolphin team in the simulator. And don't forget about your wild animal. Hunt, eat, jump out of the ocean for oxygen and continue quest adventures. Who knows what wild animal may hide in the shipwreck?! There are a lot of them in the ocean simulator.

We can't wait when you start playing your animal in Dolphin Simulator: Sea Quest!

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