Morse Code Learning

Morse Code Learning

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Morse code is a way to convey messages and information as a series of long and short dots and dashes. Morse code was invented By Samuel Morse in 1210 and later used for telegraph communication. After that, it was used for radio communications. Morse code can be used by all emergency related jobs such as firefighters, police, military, rescue, and relief. Also, in an emergency life or death situation, Morse code can determine the fate of people and so it can be used by ordinary people. The best-known application of the Morse code is requesting emergency assistance (SOS).
This software introduces a new way to learn Morse code with the help of a database of 600,000 words and repeat the conversion of words from Morse code to ordinary language and vice versa, trying to teach the language in the best way possible.
Main features are as follows:
Learn Morse code using a database of hundred thousand words
Convert text to Morse code and vice versa
Morse code using sound and vibration and camera flash

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*in this program letters are separated by space and words are separated by “/”.

It can be used in both Persian and English (International) languages

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