Super Adventure Run

Super Adventure Run

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Lost in the deep forest, where you have to find to the castle, where many treasures introduced the game Super Adventure Run. Where do you become a warrior?
Go exploring the deep forest to find the castle contains treasure, this is extremely difficult and arduous state, so many pitfalls on the way you go. You will take a look
On the adventure is extremely interesting but also full of danger.

🍀 Options and how to play 🍀
- Use the left navigation key to move the character forward
- Use A to shoot
- Use B to jump
- Buy additional items to make it easy to join the expedition
- Along the way look for brick blocks, inside which you can earn coins and support items

Super Adventure is a great game, it helps you train your ingenuity, put you in an exciting world, where there are strange creatures, very special game system, lots of play to create The richness of the game.

🍀 The ability 🍀
- Extremely light weight, easy to install
- The screen system is rich, many levels you will play up the mountain, underground, go to the jungle scene, or cold ice.
- The drama of the game
- Beautiful graphics, lively
- Dynamic sound

️🏆 One of the best action genre games ️🏆
If you have difficulty in playing but also want to contribute, please contact the email address below for the fastest support.
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Thank you for downloading the Super Adventure Run game, wish you a happy game

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