A selection of salty preparations

A selection of salty preparations

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A selection of salty preparations

An Attractive Religious Program Anchors the Passion

In Iran, the ayatollahs are mostly held in the month of Muharram and zero. The mourning is a confession of mourning and commemoration of the killing of Hussein bin Ali and a group of his companions in the Karbala incident. The battle took place in the present-day Karbala Desert in present-day Iraq. The mourning for Hossein ibn Ali is not limited to the month of Muharram, and the other days of the year also take place according to the culture and customs of each region.

The program contains a handful of al-Beit al-Zawiyah scripts. All nozzles have become low volume by maintaining quality.

App Features:

1. Proper and quality graphics

2 - List of treatments

3. Ability to download scripts and save to mobile memory

-4 Offline internet playback capability

5- Add to Wishlist

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