Photo Video Maker & Reel Maker

Photo Video Maker & Reel Maker

Version ۱.۲.۴
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Category آموزش
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Photo Video Maker & Reel Maker

Photo Video Maker & Reel Maker

GAM Mobile App
Version ۱.۲.۴
نصب +۱۰۰
Category آموزش
Size ۴۹ مگابایت
Last Update ۲۴ تیر ۱۴۰۳
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Are you tired of merely capturing moments through photos and videos? Imagine transforming your cherished memories into captivating and personalized photo videos, accompanied by the latest trending music. With the music video maker & editor app, you can unleash creative vision and enjoy fun moments with friends

📌Key Features of this photo editor app📌

✅ Photo & Video Maker:
Our picture slideshow with music app will assist you in effortlessly transforming photos into videos with just 1 tap. Simply upload the images you like, and our photo video maker app will merge them to create an engaging story.

✅ Text & Stickers: Bring your videos to life by add stickers to photos, add text to video. Choose from a range of fonts and colors to convey your message with impact.

✅ Filters & Effects: Explore countless filters and effects from our photo video slideshow maker app. Choose one of them to enhance experience your videos

✅ Variety of music video maker: Add music to video to enhance your photo and video projects with a diverse range of music options. Choose from a library of tracks that fit the mood and theme of your content. Addition, you can use your own voice instead of music.

✅ Advanced photo Video Editor:
- Cut video & trim photo
- Merge video & photo
- Adjust speed of video
- Transitions of video
- And more….

✅ Themes & Backgrounds: Add depth and visual interest to your creations by incorporating frames and backgrounds. From elegant and romantic themes to energetic and vibrant ones, just choose the perfect theme to make a video more vivid.

✅ Photo & Video slideshow maker : Now you can say goodbye to boring photo galleries and let your memories come alive with dynamic digital slideshows, reel maker & story maker from video slideshow maker app.

🔥What makes our the perfect video editing app stand out:🔥

✔️ User-friendly interface with simple operations.
✔️ Feel the rhythm with various vibration modes
✔️ Effortlessly make photo video with music
✔️ Customize sound for slideshow maker with music
✔️ ️Setting the duration to align with your style.
✔️ Share with friend on multiple social media
✔️ Multiple language support for an enhanced user experience.

💦How to use this video editor app :💦

✨ Open the photo music video maker app
✨ Upload photo or video to edit photos and video maker with music
✨ Start customize by your style

What are you waiting for? Explore more advanced features with countless effects from video editor music app. Create your own video & photo, and become a master of photo video maker from the photo video slideshow maker now.

If you have any questions about your photo video editing app, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for using the picture video maker app!

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