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So from the perspective of the body and sexuality in dance look. If not, be sure each dance will be rooted in the culture of thousands of years, the sexual issues are part of the tool. But it is important to remember that the vast majority of dances, rituals are rooted. The peoples of Asia, Africa, Australian Aborigines, Native America and many parts of the world in relation to secret and your need of God and the forgiveness of sins, the proliferation of biological products, the granting of a beautiful woman, and demands that the Human tougher than yesterday look it up, dance unless their demands were to be met. More root of dance in the East because of God's religion Source East. Middle East region, especially the Iranian plateau and Mesopotamia in particular, ritual dances and epic destination. Zagros mountain range on top of the highest mountain people are always proud of their magical dance called "Heh cotyledons document" created, "hore" to the sun to be seen.

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