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JRT can be said to be a giant box full Android Android is the most important part of the field of specialized training include: installing custom Rykavry_Nsb Akspvzd_Rvt all versions Andrvyd_Rvsh module to improve the life Batry_Fryz custom applications that make heavy phone Ram_Farsy of Myshvd_Nsb Andrvyd_Rvsh to restore deleted data Shdh_Rf problems not connect to the server Gvgl_Rf problem of loss of Ruth when you update the device Andrvydy_Rf problem of failure to update OTA_ introduction of modules Akspvzd_Nrvt the Android (remove root) expressing lack of Hafzh_Afzaysh quality speakers Andrvyd_Rf difficult to drain the battery Andrvyd_Vbsyary the program no longer only practical training only (Note: this is a paid app within the app, if installed correctly Please pay to see from within the app)

Important Note: This app currently supports LG brand all brands will be added soon

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