Speedbot. GPS/OBD2 Speedometer

Speedbot. GPS/OBD2 Speedometer

Version 3.3
Install +1 K
Category Travel & Local
Size 9 MB
Last Update 2023 February 22
Speedbot. GPS/OBD2 Speedometer

Speedbot. GPS/OBD2 Speedometer

Iteration Mobile & Vialsoft Apps
Version 3.3
Install +1 K
Category Travel & Local
Size 9 MB
Last Update 2023 February 22
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More Info

Speedbot is a free GPS speedometer with high precision that allows you to visualize the speed of your vehicle and a multitude of OBD parameters in real time. Speedbot turns your device into a spectacular on-board computer.

Main features
- GPS Speedometer. Visualizes the real speed at which you are moving.
- Travel log and odometer.
- Speed ​​limiter.
- All speed units: KM/h, MPH, KN.
- HUD (Head-Up Display) mode to display Speedbot on the windshield.
- Designed to be used with any type of vehicle such as car, truck, motorcycle, boat, bicycle...
- Customizable look with different themes.

Detailed information about your trip
- Current speed.
- Start time and duration of the trip.
- Maximum speed.
- Average speed.
- Distance traveled.

Travel log and odometer
Do you know how much time you spend in the car in a week? Speedbot keeps all the information of your trip, so you have a detailed record of your trips. Know exactly the kilometers you make throughout the day, week, month or year and the time you are on the road.

Once the trip is finished you can visualize a graph with the following information of the route:

- GPS location.
- Speed.
- Altitude.
- RPM (requires ELM327 device).
- Instant consumption (requires ELM327 device).

Analyze your driving style and compare the relationship between speed, RPM and consumption.

Real-time OBD parameters

Speedbot connects to your vehicle through a ELM327 bluetooth or Wi-Fi interface to display the following information.

- Revolutions per minute (RPM).
- Calculated engine load.
- Oil and coolant temperature.
- Instant fuel consumption.
- Fuel level.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to assist you: support@iteration-mobile.com

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