Paw Ryder Call-Video Call with Paw Ryder and pups

Paw Ryder Call-Video Call with Paw Ryder and pups

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Are you ready to play with your friends and have fun with them?

Video call from ryder and the rescue pupps app simulate fake incoming calls, fake incoming video calls and fake chat conversations with the wonderful character Ryder, with his real voice and form. Just by a simple click you can live the wonderful experiment of talking to your pups friends for help, fun and you can tell them your story. It is an easy app to entertain yourself or prank your friends and family and see their hilarious reactions. The calls look so realistic and they will believe you are really talking with your hero Ryder in a video call or voice call.

* Enjoy unlimited number of calls and video calls paw ryder hill racing family in real life call.

* have a chat Paw Ryder and ask him as many question as you want.

*Free and easy app to use with or without internet.

* With Paw Ryder and puppy voice and video.


This is not an official application, this app is just made by fans for fans !

This app is only for joking with friends and having fun with the kids.

The app is an unofficial version, not related to any copyrighted material
This is not a real call it's just a prank! The app does not do any harm and it is just for fun and distraction !

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