AirDroid | An AirPod Battery App

AirDroid | An AirPod Battery App

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This app displays the current battery level of your connected AirPods in a live notification and/or a small pop-up.

• AirPod 1
• AirPod 2
• AirPod Pro (this is in Beta, AirPod Pro images coming soon!)

How to use it:
1. After installing, open the app once to enable permissions and change any settings you want.
2. Simply connect your AirPods and the app will start displaying their battery levels! (Even if the app is closed or your phone is locked)

• See the battery level of AirPods 1 or 2
• Battery level displayed in a live notification*
• Automatic popup whenever AirPods are connected*
• Unlike other AirPod battery apps, this app will try to only display YOUR AirPods even when there are others nearby

* You can disable this feature if you’d like

If you notice that the app is showing the incorrect battery info, hold your connected AirPods against your phone until the correct info is displayed to calibrate the app.

Important Notes:

Huawei, Xiami, Vivo, Oppo and other Chinese branded phones may not work with this app. These companies don't always use standard Bluetooth hardware in their phones. If you have one of these phones and the app is not working, please contact us at so that we can investigate the issue.

The app displays the battery in 10% intervals (100% | 90% | 80% | etc.) due to AirPods only sending very limited data to Android devices. Additionally, Android devices can only see the battery status of the Case if at least one AirPod is in it.

Why does the app ask for location permissions?
This app uses Bluetooth APIs in order to get the AirPod data. The Android OS requires the app to be given location permissions in order to use these Bluetooth APIs. For more info see:

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