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With this software, do not worry about dinner tonight. Just the material that got into the program spatula Allam to tell you what to create.
+ More than 420 kinds of food, desserts, drinks, salads, soups, sauces, confectionery
+ Intelligent search based on available ingredients
+ Search the list of foods
Dear users, the use of smart search function can note that 2 different forms:
First: the food that is offered only with the material that you've said.
Second case: the foods with the material that you've proposed in the recipes used.
In the search result is displayed.
The skimmer can use mobile as a cookbook. If you search for a particular food recipes, you can view all of the food, the food from the upper part of the search program.

Reference of this application is CookingLand.Vastac.Com website.

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