Lida - Scientific persuation rules

Lida - Scientific persuation rules

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If you believe that paying out an amount of 2000 Tomans, is a heavy cost for you to change your life, or if you think we have a plan to fool you by asking such a high price, then do no follow this article. You can pay this money to buy snacks (if they do not cost you more) of pay out expensive classes or seminar which finally have no specific influence in your life. Otherwise, if you really want to change your life practically and be a charming attractive person for all people, then please kindly follow this article.

Based on lifetime professional experience and research of Mr. Brain Tracy (Best seller and international speaker), all successful and wealthy people around the world had a specific characteristic in common, which is their knowledge about interactive social behavior, human psychology and positive influence on individuals. Because we essentially live in a place which is made by people and if we could be able to impact them positively or be charming, then we can reach our goals much more easily and faster.

This application is the result of hard work and research of the creator of this application (he is a Ms graduate of Sweden) within scientific and citable resources. The goal of the creator was enhancing the social behavior capability of Iranian people, because many individuals just lose their opportunities one by one, just because they do not know how to persuade people to follow them and act based on their desire.

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