Speedy Truck Driver Simulator: Off Road Transport

Speedy Truck Driver Simulator: Off Road Transport

Version 1.2.2
Install +100 K
Category Simulation
Size 53 MB
Last Update 2021 April 2
Speedy Truck Driver Simulator: Off Road Transport

Speedy Truck Driver Simulator: Off Road Transport

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Version 1.2.2
Install +100 K
Category Simulation
Size 53 MB
Last Update 2021 April 2
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If you think driving formula 1 car or bike is no more challenging then test your skills by driving 18wheeler on off road rough terrain & city roads with heavy traffic to complete different driving missions. Let’s see what delivery truck driving skills you have in Speedy Truck Driver Simulator: Off Road Transport.
This driving adventure brings different simulator driving experience as you take control of a steering wheel of a 16wheeler or 18wheeler or even cargo trailer through challenging mountain roads & city roads. Test your gear shifting and clutch skills and shift your ways across busy highways on a mission to earn more virtual coins to get modern Lorry.
It’s up to the transport driver to nail all that tricky challenges or cause a mess on uphill stations and city roads. Become a professional heavy cargo trailer driver in Transport Truck Driver Simulator: Off Road Transport.
This local truck driver game offers many lorry brands with customization to give a unique driving experience. Drive in a beautiful 3D environment with smooth realistic speed engine mechanics to boost up your long trailer hauling driving experience.
Cool Environment
This Off Road transport offers a cool ambiance environment with realistic graphics to a big wheel driver in this super amazing road adventure inspire from real driver games.
Each level gives different cargo transport duty with increasingly difficult challenges to help you craving a path for success like a real delivery man.
Run your cargo transportation business, take new freight deliveries across the country to become the best deliverer of the city.
Tasks to achieve
Driving & parking off-road truck on off road terrains to load & unload heavy containers, cargo transportation at different destinations with sharp turns on time are some of the cargo truck game 3d challenges that can enhance uphill driving experience.
Transport cargo, complete driver simulator challenges to buy more Lorries with the cash earned. Complete different missions on dump trailer to experience high-octane fun.
How to play
Speedy Truck Driver Simulator: Off Road transport is a simple trailer drive where you have to drive different delivery trucks. Select your free ride, switch on engine, & follow map to perform delivery driver duty to its full extent. Speed limit indicator will lit when cargo delivery pickup reaches its speed limit in 3D truck simulation game. Blow horn, check kilometer covered, speed and fuel through different icons of heavy duty vehicle.
Play & Unlock
To enhance experience of driving a loaded simulator, heavy lorry spiel has its own shop. Customize & buy other heavy-duty goods vehicle to maximize driving simulator skills & parking skills.
Drive like a real trucker & experience most engaging cockpit lorry driving games on most challenging roads.
Dynamic camera angles
In this off road transport simulator game, heavy wheeler truck driver can enjoy different camera views. Change camera angles & steering options for a better offroad truck driving game experience. Enjoy driving, transport goods at different check points with realistic engine sounds.
Different steering options
Enjoy different loader truck driving modes.
• Tilt device
• Steering wheel
• Buttons
Game save mode

Players can resume anytime to enjoy real trucking experience. Three travel breakpoints are present on the mini screen for lorry driver to resume journey after a pause.
• Multiple fancy big trucks from 8 wheeler to 18 wheeler
• Realistic multiple physics-based controls
• Multiple camera views
• Stunning 3D graphics and real engine sounds
• Multiple on-road/off-road cargo tasks
• Enjoy driving in a 3D environment
• Realistic weather conditions
• Free 3d cargo game
• Best truck transport game
• In-game visual and visible damage on vehicles
Let's start the 18 Wheeler, drive the heavy duty truck simulator on highways, city roads, & off-road, park the parking simulator in trailer parking space.

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3.7 from 5
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