Foodie Craft!

Foodie Craft!

Version 1.0.7
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Foodie Craft is a casual focus-based game with only one touch required to play! And it's so easy to learn! In each mode (which by the way there are a lot!) you are presented with two cute and sometimes creepy but always hungry characters who are looking at your fingertips to get them their food. And it doesn't end there! Lots of characters are in the Shop and you can expect more with each update!

Game modes:

The game has various modes (gameplays) and lots of levels from easy to SUPER hard. But you can also test how far could your brain make it by playing Endless Modes!

Endless Modes have the same gameplays as in Level mode, but with no limits on score and time.

Characters :

Characters and their foods are not exactly alike in their colors. For example, the cat has three fish with different colors fir his food that increasingly gets randomized through your progress. And so does the vampire and all other characters. Foods are constantly spawned at the top and the bottom of the screen and are headed at the center of the game where they are stored (we call it their belly!)

Free to play:

Foodie Craft is a free to play game, meaning it costs nothing to play. But it may offer you from time to time to watch some video to get extra lives! So make sure you're focused enough on the game or else, watch some ads to get yourself back on the track!

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