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Gold Miner Adventure - The new top #1 mobile version of favourite classic gold rush game.
Gold Miner Adventure - Ultimate Gold Digger Edition is a special version of classic gold rush game.

Gold Miner is one of the most popular of classic game with million people play it on PC. And now, with this Ultimate Gold Digger edition, you can play classic Gold Miner with your friends on your smartphone.
In this gold digger edition, you are a gold miner and your job is use a digger machine to mine gold, jewel, diamond, gem and sometimes you can also mine dynamite too (LOL). Try to mine as much gold, diamond and come out with the most of money as you can before time out to pass levels. Remember that, the digger hit dynamite can explode gold, diamond around dynamite, so try to avoid dynamite and other obstacle too (bones, mouse, stones). You can also use power-up items to help you mine more gold and diamond.
Especially in this ultimate gold digger edition of classic gold rush game, you can easily invite your friends to mine gold together, challenge your friends, compare highscores with friends via Facebook.

• 4 Worlds, 48 different levels and more will coming soon.
• Nice graphics and cool animations
• Various targets: dig gold to collect target money, dig special diamonds, avoid dynamite….
• Golds, stones, diamonds, and other treasures
• Multiple power-up items: Lucky leaf, Power drink, Goldmine book, Stone book, Diamond digger book, Dynamite, Miner Lamp, Timer.
• Various props: magic bags, dynamite, mouse, fish, fish bone, dinosaur bone, bottle, etc...
• Play with your Facebook friends, compare highscores together.

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