Bus Driving Hill Station Sim

Bus Driving Hill Station Sim

نسخه ۱.۲
نصب فعال

With our latest addition in simulation, we bring an exotic hill station driving with our bus simulator. Enjoy off road bus driving in 2016 with winter treat of snow hill station tour. Time to take your mountain tourist bus off road and enjoy the thrilling drive on snow hills. Love fast driving? Don't let those extreme turns slow down your drive. Multiple buses with swift driving. A transport simulation game with extreme off road driving

A number of weather conditions make this bus simulator an awesome experience for the user. Begin your tour with off road bus driving to the hill station. Improved vehicle physics will let you handle the bus better on dangerous turns. Tourist need a proper transport bus to make their travel smooth to the hills and mountains. Sit behind the wheels and drive vehicle to the tourist point. Transport people to the hill station this weekend winter season.

Get yourself on the driving seat and lets take the challenge of mountain bus driving to the hill station for tourist transport. Don't let the extreme turns, snowfall or any natural condition stop your duty as the real bus driver.

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