Farmer Tractor

Farmer Tractor

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Real Farmer Tractor Sim 2016 game is aimed to harvest, plow, grow and sow your farm using your realistic farming tractor. Your duty as farmer is to cultivate crops and bow seeds with your farming skills. Real Farmer Tractor Sim 2016 game is realistic farming simulator game experience with different machines used in farming. The aim of this game is to make career as real farmer of your own farming lands. Your duty is to bow seeds with tractor and seeding machine. When crops are ready, you have to harvest your ripe crops as best farmer of your fields.

The gameplay is really beautiful with lovely countryside agricultural farm and complete village environment. Enjoy this village farmer simulator with different machines like threshers and seeders to harvest and plow your farm. You have to drive real tractor in fields to harvest your ready crops like wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beet etc. Have fun with farming simulation and become the best professional farmer to cultivate your farm land in 2016. Plow your farm with seeding and drilling machines to earn XPs as reward of farmer.

It's amazing to plant seeds in the farm and then plow the field as skilled farmer. Play to manage and grow your own farming land. Be careful about seasonal changes that might affect crops and take care of your farming fields. Play to fulfil the needs of people by growing plants and vegetables. You will enjoy the Real Farmer Tractor Sim 2016 game by playing it.

★★★ FEATURES ★★★

♦ Amazing controls to grow and cultivate crops like wheat, barley, canola etc
♦ Awesome button and steering controls of tractor and seeder
♦ Real farming tractor simulation experience in agricultural lands
♦ 20 Gameplay levels for user fun in complete farm environment
♦ 360 camera to view your farm area
♦ Bow different seeds and harvest your farm crops

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