Text Note to PDF Export | Convert

Text Note to PDF Export | Convert

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Do you want to convert TEXT file/ Text to PDF file? Don't download any software to use This Text Note to PDF Export App to convert it for free offline.

Text To PDF Converter:-

- You can Create Rich Text Note & Convert to PDF file.
- You can create a PDF document from a new text document.

How to make Note to PDF

1. Click on 'Create PDF'
2. Write notes OR text
3. You get multiple options while writing text
4. After writing click on right and give the Text To PDF name
5. Saved PDF will be found in the home screen

Options while writing notes:- Text format, Heading, Font style, Font size, Text background color, Drawing option, Eraser, Sticker & Add photos.

Download the app now and convert Text To PDF file.!!!

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