Farm animal sounds for baby

Farm animal sounds for baby

Version 1.6.236
Install +2 K
Category Kids
Size 78 MB
Last Update 2023 September 16
Farm animal sounds for baby

Farm animal sounds for baby

Version 1.6.236
Install +2 K
Category Kids
Size 78 MB
Last Update 2023 September 16
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Free mobile app - "Animal Sounds for Kids" - a unique game that will make the process of learning and development for children up to the age of three, interesting and exciting.
The educational game "Learn farm animals for Kids" is a useful mini-encyclopedia that will open a new world in all its diversity for kids up to the age of three and older. This includes not only animal cards, images and photographs of vehicles, surrounding objects, fruits and vegetables, but also realistic animal sounds.

Effective development in the process of the game❗
An easy "Guess" game is the best way to develop childrens. During normal viewing of pictures and listening to sounds, visual memory and listening skills are involved, so the learning process is easy and effective. Babies repeatedly review pictures of fruits and vegetables, surrounding objects, wild animals, domestic animals and vehicles and try to reproduce the sounds they hear on their own.
Being engaged with children and using the application “Farm animals for Kids” for this purpose, you are laying down a solid knowledge base that will further contribute to successful schooling. Farm animal cards allow you to develop intelligence at an early age without special pedagogical education.
Already in kindergarten, educators note that when parents work at home with their children the child shows signs of better memory and cognition and a more sustained focus on learning. With the help of this simple and accessible game ,“Farm animals for Toddlers”, you can achieve excellent results, which will become a solid basis for further education.

Why animal cards are better than paper books❓
The free app "Farm Animals" is necessary for children to get a complete picture of the animal world. The fact is that with many representations of plants and animals, children can only be acquainted by pictures. They learn about wild animals, rare and endangered species with the help of voiced Animal cards. In the game "Guess the animals", it is recommended to consolidate the knowledge gained based on the heard sounds of animals.
The uniqueness and convenience of mobile animal cards is that you can play anywhere, whenever you have a few minutes. Just start the game while waiting for a doctors appointment, on a walk or on the bus. In that time, you will be training your child’s memory and developing their speech with maximum benefit.
Application features of the children's educational game "Guess"

The mobile application includes following categories:
Domestic animals
Wild animals
Fruits and Vegetables
Circulating objects

With the help of educational cards from the game "Guess" the child will get acquainted with the basic concepts, the sounds of animals and will get their first idea of ??the world around them. In the developing mobile application "Farm animals for Kids" includes more than 150 pictures with a short well-perceived sound.
It takes 5-10 minutes to view pictures that depict farm animals, wild, vehicles, surrounding things, fruits and vegetables, so that the child can learn new words for themselves, correctly distinguish categories and match the corresponding sounds (words).
By the professional voice acting and good sound quality, the game “Learn animals for toddlers” does not need additional teaching aids, audio recordings or books. It has no age limit. All pictures (animals, vehicles, fruits and vegetables, surrounding objects) are of high HD quality and can be used in two formats - portrait and landscape, the choice of parents and children.

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