Translator: Scan & Translate

Translator: Scan & Translate

Version 3.18
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 16 MB
Last Update 2024 June 27
Translator: Scan & Translate

Translator: Scan & Translate

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Version 3.18
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 16 MB
Last Update 2024 June 27
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Language Translator- Scan and Translate - Your Ultimate Language and Translation companion!

🌎 Language Translator App
We provide a good Translate All Languages App that enable your to Scan and Translate in more then 100 languages through Text Translator.

🎥 Camera Translation
Translate All Languages App converts your camera into a powerful Languages Translator, making you to Scan and Translate easily and breaking language barrier.

🔉 Voice Translation:
Speak independently and translate your voice. Translate All Languages App offers voice translation for voice conversations in any language.

⭐ Language Translator App Key Features ⭐

- User-friendly interface Linguistic tool
- Offline mode for translation without internet
- Pronunciation guides for accurate speech
- Share translations easily with your friends
- Regular updates with new language support
- Multilingual communication with Instant translation
- World language dictionary with Speech recognition
- Foreign language learning & International language translation
- Real-time language converter & Image to text translation
- Photo translator translate photos into your desired text

🌟 Why this Languages Translator App ?
- 1 Million+ users who trust Language Translator App
- Regular updates for new Language Translation
- Speed, accuracy, and a user-friendly experience
- Free and unlimited All Language Translations

📥 Download All Language Translator App now and start a journey of Language Translation!

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