Translate Language Translator

Translate Language Translator

Version 1.2.28
Install +20 K
Category Tools
Size 8 MB
Last Update 2022 June 4
Translate Language Translator

Translate Language Translator

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Version 1.2.28
Install +20 K
Category Tools
Size 8 MB
Last Update 2022 June 4
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The Language Translator can translate text, voice, speech, and words into multiple languages. Translate all is a language translation expert that allows you to translate any language. After using the Free Translation App & All Languages Translator, you will find that there will be no communication difficulties between you and your foreign friends. The world is closer than ever with our language translator App. This Translate app dreams of a world communicating without language barriers. Whenever you need translation during your travels, business trips, or studying a language, bring Translator - Voice Text Translate App. More than just a language translation, the offline Translator app also offers instant voice and text translations in all languages. The free translator app has overcome the language barrier for business, travelers, and education far and wide.

Translate - All Language Translator App enables you to:

Text Translation:
• The translated text is rendered directly in the original text of the photo.
• Text translator can be translated between 100+ languages by typing.
• Real-time text translation for phrases and words.
• The text translation app translated words very fast.

Voice Translation:
• Voice Translator app helps to speak and translate all languages.
• Voice Translation app takes voice notes to translate into all languages.
• Real-time voice translation to text and audio.
• Translate now with your meaning with the voice translator app.

Camera Translator / OCR Translator:
• The instant image to text translation uses the most advanced OCR technology.
• Photo translate takes or imports photos for a higher-quality free translation app.
• Camera translator to capture text and provide you with the best translation all in one.
• Use your phone's camera to scan and translate text from photos.

Image Translation
• Take Picture via Camera or Gallery: Convert to Text & Translate.
• Automatic recognition and translation of text in the image by taking a picture.
• OCR Image to Text Translator is an image to text converter.
• Now convert Image to Text.

Conversation Translator
• The speak to translate in all languages app has a simple conversation interface.
• With the move of a simple button, you can translate from one language to another.

Chat Translator
Chat translate app free enables you to quickly translate the text of the speech bubbles and input boxes.

Magic Translate / Offline translator
Magic Translation can translate on WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram to track what is happening to celebrities. Chat without borders and read without barriers.

Translate All Language - Voice Text Translator App free has:-
• English Translator.
• Arabic Translate App.
• English Hindi free Translator App.
• English to Spanish translator App.
• Chinese Language Translation.
• Hebrew Language Translate.
• Korean Language Translate App.
• Portuguese to Spanish Translate.
• French Language free translation App and many more.

No doubt, there are many interpreters, but this free interpreter has put more effort into language translation. The Translate All Language - Voice Translator free offers you multiple languages to translate. All Language Translator - Best Translate app free handles any country translation.

Permissions Notice:
Best All Language translator may ask for permission to access the following features:
• Microphone for speech translation.
• Camera for translating text via the camera translator.
• SMS for translating text messages.

Enjoy this best Translate app & all languages Translator. Now translate into any language With a New Multi-language translator and free all language translator.

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