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: : Product Function
- Playback Speed Control (Play Speed Change, Music Speed Change)
- Repeat and Loop Play, Shuffle Play (Random Play)
- Pitch Alteration (Transposition by Semitone)
- Seek (Skip and Jump to Position and Playback Navigation)
- Bass Boost (Bass Booster on / off)
- Audio File Folder Browser (Audio File Scanner)
- Favorite Playlist (to keep Tag File List)
- Audio File Search (like mp3 file)

: : Use and Application
- Music Listening and Learning (Guitar Copy etc.)
- Study of Language (Audio Script Listening, Study of Foreign Language)

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: : function
- Playback speed control (speed playback, music speed control)
- AB repeat playback and loop playback, random playback,
- Ability to change the pitch (transpose function)
- File search (interval jumps)
- Bass Boost (bass emphasis)
- Manage Files folder
- Tag file management (create playlists, favorites specify)
- Audio files search

: Use and purpose
- Music study and music (music play copies and other copy, etc. for music lovers and musicians)
- Language study (for audio scripts, students and the general public, such as foreign language learning, foreign language learning)

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