Army Tank Vs Tank Driver: Infantry Death-Match

Army Tank Vs Tank Driver: Infantry Death-Match

نسخه ۱.۴
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Get ready to engage real battle with world war machines those are tanks. Play Army Tank Vs Tank Driver: Infantry Death-Match shooting game, drive Russian tanks in this next generation evolution base tank shooting game. Enter in the war zone dare to ride military tanks and fight AI based pvp tank shooting game.

Death Match:
Feel the thrill of world war fight against army tanks in death match series. No team members for backup just kill or be killed. Love playing ww2 games or commando war games. Grab your hand on real tanks in this action packed game, fire missile to demolish enemy army tanks. Engage in real battle of tanks vs tanks and show your army training skills and car driving skills to crush enemies Russian tanks. No troops or enemy base to capture its a race till you get destroyed. Use army strategy skills to fight tank vs tank get unlock more deadliest war machines from the tank factory in this tank battle game. Rule the charts with maximum kills in the tank war zone that is based on sunny desert, snow area in newest tank shooting game. Destroy enemy military tanks equipped with laser machine gun that will tag you and locate you from hideout. Strike swift with your army tanks to enemy world war tanks.

Flag Race:
Drive armored forces tank in new age tank battle game. Lead the Alpha team for heavy artillery platoon and use brutal force to fight enemy Russian tanks in this tank vs tank shooting game. Penetrate enemy base camp and steal their flag and bring it back to your military base to win the flag race between heave artillery war machinery. Lead US army tanks to fight against world famous model tanks like, Russian, German or Britain. Defend your base camp from enemy tanks invasion and strike with full force to defeat enemy tank forces. Use strategy to attack enemy base camp, enjoy amazing terrain like Iraq, Russia and more cities. Create a diversion send a decoy tank troop from north zone and fight to steal enemy flag from their army base.

Done playing sniper shooter and gunship war games now grab your hand over US army tanks in engaging Artificial Intelligence based tank shooter game. Welcome to world war 2 tank battlezone and enjoy the heavy guns attack in this tank shooter game. Blitz through army platoon of war machinery and tanks and win this death match tournament offline.

Tank vs tank battle with heavy fire power
Multiple tanks to drive and battle in death match
Smooth controls for driving tank in warzone
Snow and desert war bases for tank shooter game
Complete offline game play no need for WiFi
A non PvP best tank battle game you can play along
Dare to drive world war machines like army commando
Real time high definition graphics and sound quality

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