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Manoké Stage

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Manoké Stage

Manoké Stage

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Is learning music a big part of who you are? Do you know how to play Guitar, Keyboard or a Piano? Do you play like a pro or want to play like one? Nevertheless, Manoké Stage is your ideal choice, whether you are a beginner; learning music instruments or want to work harder on your skills.

Manoké Stage is specially designed for learners, players and enthusiasts who want to become better music performers across many popular genres: Bollywood music, Classical, Jazz, Pop, etc.

Today, Manoké Stage has the best repository of high-quality transcriptions of Indian songs across your favorite regional languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam. So, there’s no stopping you: go let your inner star shine!

How to use

►Step 1:
Install & Download Manoké –Learn Guitar, Piano Notes for Popular Songs
Step 2:
Open App and Sign-up using your email or simply Log-in using Facebook
Step 3:
Pick a top song from Home Page or use the Search and find a song you like to play
Step 4:
Done. Practice until you master the song with your favorite instrument!
Step 5:
If you are ready to show off with your friend or family go ahead and make a recording and send it to them!


✓ Growing Library of High-Quality Transcriptions of popular music. You can help us build the library by requesting your favorite songs!
✓ Only app that lets you play along with an orchestration (backing tracks) that you can change: modify tempo, scale or audio levels to suit your needs and practice until perfect!
✓ You can learn piano, keyboard, guitar or bass. Using our powerful transpose feature you can also practice your wind instruments!
✓ If your instrument is your Voice you can practice vocals too! We have Indian and Western notations and Choir Arrangements for you to develop your skills to harmonize or lead!
✓ Impress your friends using our in-built Karaoke feature. Simply play along, record and share.
✓ Track your practice and learn from professionals using our training partners and a growing list of institutions that teach music

Instruments you can learn from Manoké Stage
✓Learn n Play Guitar Tabs/Chords/App

✓Learn n Play Piano Notes/Chords/App

✓Learn n Play Keyboard Notes/Chords/App

Play and master these music instruments in your favorite music collection across Genres, Styles and Languages.

** Stay Tuned. More awesome music collections & music instruments are added soon. **

How can you Manoké be a great tool:
✓ Learn guitar, Learn Piano, Learn Keyboard using single app
✓ Teach kids how to play guitar or how to play piano or how to play keyboard
✓ Make guitar, piano, keyboard lessons more fun
✓ Travel and practice your favorite musical instruments on the go
✓ Learn new chords, tabs, notes for your favorite music collection

Made for the Self Learners
Manoké Stage is designed by innovative and experienced music teacher. It is perfectly suited for self-learning guitar tabs, piano chords or keyboard tabs. With step-by-step tutorials and historical feedbacks you can be sure you’re playing right.

Problems or feedback?
Manoké is made of people just like you; who live and breathe music. The ones who cannot imagine their life without playing, learning or mastering music. To make Manoké; a heaven for music enthusiasts; we need your feedback to keep improving. Please send us email at and we will do our best to add new features and solve any problems that you face.

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