Battlemon League

Battlemon League

نسخه ۱.۰
نصب فعال

■ Real-time team match PvP
■ Destroy blocks to build paths.
■ Hunt the giant monsters through cooperative play.
■ Capture the enemy tower to win!
■ Gain trophy to reach higher levels.

Battlemon League is a multiplayer action game for up to 12 players. Overpower your enemies by summoning monsters and fighting in hand-to-hand combat or sniping. Cooperation is the key to strategy!

- Combine different monster cards to build the perfect unique monster deck.
- Explore the map to find mine blocks.
- Break walls in the sandbox-style map and make your own attack loot.
Dig underground to make tunnels and traps.
- Hide to set up sneak attacks on other monsters.

It’s a fierce battle to see who will be the greatest summoning warrior!
Compete with powerful heroes to become the best.

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