Category Puzzle
Active Installs less than 100
Size 1.6 MB


* With this game you can simply improve your calculation skills

* In this game, you have 100 secs to answer any number of questions that you can. After each question you will get a time prize depending on the equation simplicity

* All answers are just integers

* You can personalize each part of the game like : selecting desired operators ; selecting game initial condition; selecting number of equation operands in game start; selecting operands number trigger ; and so on...

* The game has very simple and fantastic User Interface

* Note that how much you make game setting simpler , you will get smaller time prizes and how much you make it harder , Time prizes will also increase

* The game will save each record completely with complete details such as game duration, your accuracy , lost times , all time prizes and etc.

* Enjoy the game in both English and Persian languages. The game will choose your device language as the default language.

Please help us improving the game with your valuable comments. thank you all ! :)


* I have submitted an appeal in Play Protect Appeals "again"; to verify my package for fixing Play Protect incompatibility on some devices.