Train your Brain. Visuospatial

Train your Brain. Visuospatial

Version 1.8.6
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Category Puzzle
Size 45 MB
Last Update 2024 April 5
Train your Brain. Visuospatial

Train your Brain. Visuospatial

Senior Games
Version 1.8.6
Install +100
Category Puzzle
Size 45 MB
Last Update 2024 April 5
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Visual skill games is an app that consists of several games to improve visual ability and train viso-spatial skills. Fun games for the whole family to keep the mind active in a playful way. This game is suitable for all ages, from the youngest to the elderly and senior players.


- Repeat symmetrical patterns
- Locate an objective number within a numerical range
- Identification of 3D figures
- To stop moving elements
- Puzzles and shapes
- Estimation of perimeter and contour lengths.

Visual perception is the way we interpret and understand the information that is received through sight. With these games, the development of visoperceptive skills is stimulated in a playful and gamified way, performing tasks such as: Identify the relative position of objects, calculate distances, draw mental maps or mentally represent figures in three dimensions.

In the same way, these visual ability games help to recognize and distinguish sensory characteristics such as shape, color, depth, distance between objects, orientation or movement.

In addition to visuospatial processing, they also help to stimulate other areas such as attention or visual memory.


- Daily stimulation of visuospatial intelligence
- Available in 5 languages
- Simple and intuitive interface
- Different levels for all ages
- Constant updates with new games


Visuospatial function is one of the essential cognitive functions in our daily life. The development of visuospatial abilities helps maintain a healthy mind and a healthy life.

Visuospatial processing is the ability to tell where objects are in space. It also helps to know how far objects are from others.

This collection of puzzles is developed in collaboration with doctors and experts in neuropsychology and is part of the collection of games for cognitive stimulation "Senior Games". In our developer profile you will find more games related to this project.


Tellmewow is a mobile games development company specialized in easy adaptation and basic usability which makes our games ideal for the elderly or young people who simply want to play an occasional game without major complications.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or want to stay informed about upcoming releases, follow us on our social networks.


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