City Driving - Traffic Control

City Driving - Traffic Control

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Are you smart enough for this game?

City Driving - Traffic Control simulates the city traffic and challenges your brain to find solutions and avoid accidents and traffic jam. Different models are available from classic to sport cars, you only have to drive them through the city street maze and solve the puzzle. Find routes and take each driver to destination. 

Solve the routes puzzle to drive each car to a location with the same color. When calculating your moves take into account the traffic lights which can add delay on some roads. Make sure you don't get two cars at the same time in the same intersection ( crossroad ). Some cars are slower, others are faster. Think about it when you design the routes.

City Driving - Traffic Control features: 

* Many levels with variable difficulty.
* Multi language support.
* Traffic lights to increase difficulty.
* Different car models
* Smart Maps to challenge your brain
* Great traffic simulator

Remember this it is not the highway or open roads: it's the complicated urban traffic with many streets, corners and traffic lights where you have to pay attention to every detail.

Take each car from the scene and find a route to the exit. Draw routes for each car and just press "Play". Control the traffic with your skills. Forget about autopilot! Put aside other riddles and puzzles! Nothing compares to controlling the traffic in busy city like London or New York.

Let the wheels roll !

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