Hello Kitty Around The World

Hello Kitty Around The World

نسخهٔ ۴۰
نصب +۲۰ هزار
دسته‌بندی کودک
حجم ۶۲ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۲۴ آبان ۱۴۰۲
Hello Kitty Around The World

Hello Kitty Around The World

نسخهٔ ۴۰
نصب +۲۰ هزار
دسته‌بندی کودک
حجم ۶۲ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۲۴ آبان ۱۴۰۲
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Are you ready to discover the world traveling with Hello Kitty?

Now, with Hello Kitty Discovering the World you can travel to more than 50 countries and you will be able to...

- Build your own Zoo with animals from all countries.
- Prepare the food for Hello Kitty in her incredible kitchen.
- Dress Hello Kitty with the traditional clothes and accessories of each country.
- Learn Geography, know the countries, their location, their data, their flag and much more.

Prepare the suitcase and start your trip. You just have to select a country to visit... The United States, Italy, Germany ... .In each country you will know and follow its form and characteristics, draw its flag, place it on its continent and the most important thing ... you can get food, animals, monuments or dresses from each of them.

Collect all the animals from each of the countries and build the best zoo in the world:

- Choose the terrain of each zone.
- Build the roads.
- Place the fences and doors.
- Put each of the animals in their proper habitat.
- And you can give it life by adding kiosks, Hello Kitty characters, vehicles, etc ...

Prepare Hello Kitty food with the food of each country:

- A complete kitchen where there is nothing missing.
- Use your imagination to make your own creations and surprise Hello Kitty.
- Use the blender, the pan, the fryer or the grill for cooking.
- Season the food with sauces and spices.
- Feed Hello Kitty and she will show you if she likes it, if it is horrible or if she does not even want to try it.

Dress up Hello Kitty:

- Get the traditional dresses of each country.
- Use the accessories of each dress.
- Dress up Hello Kitty with more than 50 dresses and accessories.
- Have fun combining dresses and accessories from different countries and cultures.
- Only you choose how you want to dress her.

Collect the wonders of the world

- Get images of the most characteristic objects, monuments or places.
- Create your own album of memories by placing the photos in the Hello Kitty album.
- Bring the map to life by unlocking the monuments of each country.
- Learn with the file and characteristics of each country.


- Fun interactive games for girls and boys from 4 years old.
- Encourages autonomous learning.
- With Hello Kitty children learn geography by placing countries and continents on the map, tracking them and drawing their flags.
- Power imagination and creativity.
- They make their own meals mixing ingredients, cooking and testing if Hello Kitty likes it.
- Build your own zoo by selecting the terrain, roads, characters and add your animals.
- Develop creativity by combining dresses and accessories typical of all countries.
- Motivate learning with gamification systems for children.
- Get food, animals, monuments and dresses from each country you visit.
- Application supervised by child educators.
- Available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Portuguese.

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