Pocoyo ABC Adventure - Fun Alphabet Learning

Pocoyo ABC Adventure - Fun Alphabet Learning

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Our Pocoyo friend is ready to play again and embark on a great trip around the world! Walk with him and his friends through an endless journey and start learning the alphabet, memorizing words, solving puzzles, watching photos of monuments and discovering countries and flags in a free game for the whole family!

With this interactive Pocoyo alphabet adventure, children can discover places, countries of the world, flags, animals, sounds and objects related to each of the letters and start learning the puzzle's mechanics solving our entertaining puzzles for toddler learners with different thematics. Every word is carefully selected to help your child to learn the alphabet correctly.

By following the dotted line, kids can draw the letter with their finger, both in uppercase and lowercase, thus initiating them into drawing and writing the ABC's and reinforcing their psychomotor skills playing this alphabet adventure and entertainment game.

Complete the panel for each letter you draw and collect all the badges, photos and flags of your trips around the world, learning not only the ABC's but also the puzzle's basic rules!
Learn having fun in this educational app full of puzzles to solve and secrets to find out, and all for free in this Pocoyo's adventure! Play and discover countries, start drawing letters and improve your language learning skills with reading and writing activities for kids! Play, read, and write in this learning adventure appropriate for kids starting to talk and all the family members that enjoy entertainment and spending time with their children.

Pocoyo ABC Adventure contains audio and texts in English and Spanish, so it is also a good tool for kids to play learning these languages, acquiring spelling memory, reading and writing through phonics, and start drawing the alphabet.

In this interactive ABC adventure the children will learn to:

• Draw letters of the ABC's
• Start writing letters
• Learn words related to each letter and discover the alphabet
• Read and listen to letters and words in English and Spanish to improve their vocabulary
• Discover countries and flags to improve their education
• Solve a puzzle
• Hear sounds and relate them with their corresponding object or animal

Better than a language activity book, this Pocoyo game is ideal for pre-school children learning the alphabet and starting to talk and make drawings. Entertainment with interactive education is the perfect mix for your child to start learning. This game will help your kid to grow and assimilate education as part of their world and to become a Pocoyo friend.
Your child will learn word by word and letter by letter the whole alphabet in this learning by playing educational game for the whole family. Intelligence and emotion will develop at the same time as your kids listening, reading, and writing skills.

This Pocoyo app has parental controls to offer a safe and secure educational environment.
Pocoyo ABC Adventure is totally free, but it contains advertising that can be eliminated through a single payment.

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