Version 1.2
In-app Purchases
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Size 82 MB
Last Update 2018 March 30


siyamak saadatpur
Version 1.2
In-app Purchases
Install +50 K
Category Action
Size 82 MB
Last Update 2018 March 30
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In this exciting 3D game, spatial creatures attack robots and helium weapons to land and extract earth energy, and you must destroy advanced creatures using robots, robots and spaceships.

atributies :

* Superb 3D graphics

* New and varied weaponry

* Easy and beautiful interface

* Farsi (Persian Games)

* Unique sound

* Age category +12

Attention :

>> The minimum RAM to run a game is 1 gigabyte.

>> If the game runs slowly, reduce the amount of graphic views from the settings menu.
>> For easy targeting, increase the sensitivity of the automatic markup from the settings menu.

>> Please use Hands free for more excitement.


The bestial events of humanity recorded on the pages of history.

A large space creature attack on Earth

After many years of struggle, man managed to travel with the speed of light in the boundless space to the far end of the universe and explore numerous planets of galaxies in search of new life and energy.
The adventurous man committed the greatest mistake of humanity and stepped into a planet inhabited by the very advanced organisms themselves seeking energy to survive, and this was an adventurous man who decimated the address of the largest source of energy to these creatures and caused The brutal attack of helium robots came to our blue pearl.
Large and small spacecrafts surrounded the planet to extract energy, destroying gigantic robots of all living beings.
We failed in this battle and we could not break the robots with lead and steel bullets, carbon armor, and hid for many years under the ground.
But we knew that wanting was capable.
After years of endless effort, we succeeded in using the technology of robots and producing weapons that were armed with the energy of helium particles, and we were able to create a defensive shield against the helium bullets.

and now :

You have to destroy the robots and guns of each area and save large helium masses to arming large weapons (ship destroyer) and close enough to close the spaceship.
Game Guide:

** With the destruction of any robot or shotgun, helium energy is released and you need to use this energy to arming weapons and reinforcing the defense shield.
** Each robot feeds on helium-rich energy and protects it with a red shield, you must destroy all robots in each area to destroy the great energy shield.
** You need to move towards the center to save energy.
** As soon as the save loop appears, move towards its center.
** Circular energies for arming weapons and stellar energies are for strengthening the defense shield.

Thanks and luck for your dear compatriots.

<<< A licensed publication from the National Games of Computer Games >>>

* Support

In case of any problem, please send an email or telegram.

Email: ssaadatpur@gmail.com

Telegram: siyamakUnity @

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