CropBuzz (Smart Photo Editor)

CropBuzz (Smart Photo Editor)

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So when the CropBuzz is available, why do you go to the studio for take photoes? With the background change, the CropBuzz app brings the same thing as the studio, with the difference that you can make a lot of photos with CropBuzz and make it more beautiful as your taste.

It is not hard for you to cut a part of the photo anymore! Just click twice to automatically use the artificial intelligence to cut it and you do not need the internet to do this. When working with CropBuzz, you do not need any internet at all, and you can safely create photos as much as you want.

Be sure to see the video as simple and easy as what you do in the editing software. It takes just a few seconds.

With CropBuzz, you can easily crop without having to worry, crop an image and create a new one.

You can better imagine your dream, with your friend you can not have a two-person photo.


Dangerous places that you can not take photos and with the general settings that you have in the program, create your own photo.

These were just one of the CropBuzz features; there are many other features that you can see on screen in some screenshots, but to watch more photos and videos, be sure to follow our Instagram page (@cropbuzz) and check out Aparat page (


Apart from background change, some of the other applications are:

- Create Dual Exposure Images

- Coloring the subject (our own color theme)

- Insert the natural angel wings

- Caricaturization (bastard, barefoot, etc.)

- Sketching the background (like designing)

- Highlight the subject

- Convert a photo to PNG by cutting and Transparenting your desired section in the image

- Brightening the subject

- Creating a sticker with the possibility of cutting and transparenting part of the photo

- Focus on any subject you like

- Censor the section you want in the photo :)

- Glow halo effect


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